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Indian Army culminates Cricket Premier League at Sangaldan, Ramban

Last Updated on December 6, 2022 at 7:02 pm

Indian Army culminates a grand cricket tournament today at Sangaldan in which 32 teams of Ramban district showcased their cricketing potential.

The tournament was played on round robin league system over a period of 48 days. Cricket for long, has been a major attraction for all youths and its fan following is increasing season by season.

Ramban being a hilly district has very limited playfields, however, zeal of local youths surpassed all challenges and played on undulating grounds all these years till IRCON prepared a dumping site which is now reclaimed a full fledged cricket ground. In a simple closing ceremony, Dr Shamshada Shan, DDC Chairperson Ramban district, culminated the tournament with rewarding the winning team. She in her speech said youth of Ramban has immense talent which is not yet completely explored.

Motivating players, she stated that their achievement on National and International level will soon be a reality as platforms and opportunities are knocking at their doorstep now. She said this tournament is one such opportunity and youths to make most of it. The event was graced by other prominent civil society members who said that such event is the harbinger of peace, especially in the recent times with increased disturbances surrounding the region.

Huge participation from local teams is an indication of successful efforts of the Indian Army to promote sports in the otherwise farfetched region of Ramban district. The tournament has crept a wave of excitement throughout the region with locals supporting their respective teams with dhols and chants and sparks of energy filled in the environment.