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Inner Wheel Club Jammu Tawi organized Medical Camp to test bone density

Last Updated on October 19, 2022 at 1:31 pm

Periodic Medical Tests are required to be carried out for an individual, to help in early detection of medical problems, if any , so that timely treatment by a qualified doctor is given. With advancing age, certain medical tests are recommended for women. A common health concern in women is Osteoporasis, where the strength of bones is reduced . Decrease in Calcium contents in bones make them fragile ,which become prone to fracture. To educate masses, this week is being celebrated as Osteoporasis Week.

A Bone Density Medical Camp was organized by IWC, Jammu Tawi, in collaboration with Govt Girls Higher Secondaey School, Shastri Nagar, Jammu. A total of 15 Club Members attended the Camp . Bone Density Tests were carried out for 70 Women, including IWC Members and School Staff. After receiving report of the Tests, an advisory lecture was delivered by Dr Paramjit Kour. She also rendered Medical Advice , explained the Special diet requirements and prevention measures to be taken against Osteoporasis. Free Calcium Suppliments were distributed to all participants.

President of IWC , Paramjit Kour thanked the Principal , Geeta Bangotra for giving permission for the Venue, administrative arrangements and provision of refreshment for all. Special thanks were given to Coordinator from IWC, Dr Paramjit Kour, for making Bone Density Test team available and the educative talk on the subject. Jasneet Kour from the School staff coordinated the administrative arrangements.