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J&K govt shifts depts to e-office; only 10 trucks hired for Durbar move

Last Updated on April 7, 2021 at 11:13 am

This will be first time in history when the J&K administration will use only ten trucks to shift files from Jammu to Srinagar in Durbar move.

In previous instances, hundreds of trucks were employed in every six months period to shift files from one capital to another. The J&K UT whose financial condition is not up to the mark, around Rs 130 crore were spent every year by administration for Durbar Move from Jammu to Srinagar and vice-versa.

This time all heads of the departments were already directed by their higher authorities to maximize online storage so that data can be shifted through internet or other devices. Manoj Kumar Dwivedi, Commissioner/Secretary of General Administration Department (GAD) directed to move Darbar from Jammu to Srinagar.

He wrote that administration has decided to completely switch to e-office by April 15, 2021 so that efficiency and effectiveness of the government can be improved. Moreover, this will eradicate need to physically move files/records from Jammu to Srinagar and vice-versa. All records/files of various Government Departments have been stored in digital format so that timely implementation of Durbar Move can take place. However, sensitive/confidential files have not been digitized and they will be carried to Srinagar.

It was also mentioned that only ten trucks will be hired for shifting such sensitive records/files to Srinagar. All Administrative Secretaries have been asked to draft a list of such confidential/sensitive files/records, including files/records of respective subordinate move offices, which have not been stored in a digital format and are needed to be carried to Srinagar. These files will be provided by departments to the GAD till April 15, 2021 for approval.

This circular added that all the Administrative Secretaries in the Civil Secretariat, Jammu will make sure that files/records are maintained by employees from every Department at Jammu.