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Jammu gets its own selfie point as part of “Iconic week” celebration

Last Updated on October 29, 2021 at 7:34 pm

The city of temples on Friday added a new attraction under the Jammu Smart City Project, ‘I Love Jammu’ -a selfie point at B. C. Road Jammu as part of “Iconic week” celebration.

The ‘I Love (heart symbols) Jammu’ in red colour is featured on the top with the painting of bridges along with mountains in background finds place in the structure of selfie point installed at B. C  Road Jammu.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL), Anvy Lavasa inaugurated the first ever selfie point in the city. 

The selfie point is part of a project initiated by Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL) for the improvement of road from Dogra Chowk to KC Chowk.

The other important components of the project included water curtains, bus bays, drinking water ATMs, bollard lights, ulata chatta, tabletop, fixed kiosks, solid waste management dustbins, footpath and pedestrian facilities.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO, JSCL, Ms. Avny Lavasa said that the such projects will bring a neat and clean look to the city.

“The selfie point will serve a dual purpose like popularizing the city among tourists as well as will help the citizens feel the need to keep their city and environment clean,” she added. 

She also informed that many projects related to urban mobility and infrastructure are coming under the Jammu Smart City mission.

“The upcoming projects will also address urban problems like parking, encouraging cycling among citizens, cycle tracks, old age clubs, libraries and many others,” she said.

Soon after the inauguration, the selfie point  witnessed a large turnout of visitors from across all age groups.

“It is a beautiful concept and it was nice to see youngsters as well as senior citizens clicking pictures with ‘I Love Jammu’ logo in the background,” a visitor said.

“The area is one of the busiest Chowk of the City and the majority of tourists start their journey from here and this initiative will draw their attention to create fond memories of the city,” another visitor said.