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Jammu girl touches new heights of success, gives etiquette training in 36 countries

Last Updated on March 6, 2022 at 4:10 pm

Many women from Jammu and Kashmir are taking their step forward in the world of business and setting an example for others. One such example is of a girl who hails from Jammu who was previously working in reputed airline company as a cabin crew has now come up with a unique and interesting startup and is touching new heights of success.

In an attempt to start her own venture Novika Vij left her job of cabin crew and started to train people in etiquettes, body language, table manners and interview among others. Etiquettes are the most essential for becoming the best version of one and can help anyone reach massive height of success. There are certain manners that are accepted and welcomed universally and are of utmost important.

Novika has grown in her career at a fast pace and is now teaching ‘dining etiquettes’ to the people in 36 countries and helping them enhance body-language skills through online courses from Jammu.

Novika told Greater Kashmir that she had got an opportunity to travel across the world while working as a cabin crew member in Jet Airways and now she trains people in body language, etiquettes, corporate training and private training etc.

She further said that they have done many programmes with private clients, prominent clubs even outside J&K by holding grooming classes.

She further added that at a very young age she left Jammu for Mumbai and went through training and learnt about grooming from different nationalities. She further informed that it increased curiosity in her and she wanted to learn and teach such things including and global table manners to the students, job seekers, university students, aspiring to acquire specialized skills which could help them in getting employment.

She said, “Presently, I am taking grooming, shine- dine etiquette classes through online mode in 36 countries, while sitting in Jammu.”

She is further thinking to start an institute in Jammu to provide special skills to the aspiring people in J&K as well as outside the country.