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Jammu on the brink of major power crisis

Last Updated on April 9, 2022 at 12:22 pm

The dynamics of Jammu’s power sector is put to test again as power crisis has started to deepen in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Limited (JPDCL) is facing shortage of 200 Mega Watts (MW) in April. This summer season started with sudden rise in mercury level and there is non-availability of sufficient electricity from the Northern Grid. The consumption of electricity has increased by consumers due to soaring temperature.

Moreover, generation of electricity is reduced as there has been less discharge of water in the rivers and Northern Grid is not in a position to provide electricity as per the contract signed. Currently, 1100 Mega Watts of electricity per day is needed across the Jammu region but availability is just 900 Mega Watts as such there is shortfall of 200 Mega Watts, reportedly.

There may be further curtailments in coming days if the generation from hydro-electric projects does not increase leading to inconvenience to general public.

Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Limited is in the process of working out a curtailment schedule in such a manner so that neither the industrial areas nor the domestic consumers face power shut-down for hours together.

As per reports, even those areas which have recently been shifted to smart meters will have to face the curtailments which are showing the reality of tall claims made by the government of uninterrupted power supply.