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Jammu University appoints Chief Accounts Officer to bring transparency into finances

Last Updated on January 19, 2021 at 2:04 pm

It is for the first time when a Chief Accounts Officer has been appointed in Jammu University since J&K became a Union Territory. This appointment is expected to enhance transparency into financial resources of the varsity. J&K administration has appointed an official of Kashmir Administrative Services as Chief Accounts Officer.

Even though some teachers in the university are apprehensive that this appointment will undermine the autonomy of the university, it will promote transparency in managing financial resources of the department. The financial work in the university is managed by the Joint Registrar budget. He takes care of the financial budget section. The LG’s administration has issued orders appointing Sonika Sharma as the in-charge chief accounts officer in Jammu University.

This implies that all the financial budget accounting could not be done without the permission of Chief Accounts Officer. This is said to be a major step towards transparency in financial resources of the Jammu University.

Lat year, there was a scam in the examination department in Jammu University. This scam caused a loss of around eighty lakhs through fake slips. Employees of Jammu University Examination Department, Jammu and Kashmir Bank and a B.Ed College were involved in this scam. The crime branch is investigating this case. The financial structure of the university is not fully strengthened. Now, the Chief Accounts officer will manage every major financial decision of the University.

This is for the first time that an outside officer has been appointed to monitor financial transactions in the University of Jammu. Till now, the Joint Registrar budget used to manage the financial work in the university. He was in charge of the financial budget.

There is an entire department of budget and finance in the University, but this is for the first time that a Chief Accounts Officer has been appointed to bring transparency in the financial resources of Jammu University.

Several questions have already been raised on the Workers’ Department of Jammu University. A few years ago, the University witnesses a scam in a department regarding use of tiles which led to suspension of many engineers.