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Jammu University Goof-up? Several students fail, then pass after registering protest

Last Updated on April 27, 2021 at 5:23 pm

Some postgraduate students of the University of Jammu who failed in internal evaluation have got more than 50 percent marks in the evaluation done by an external evaluator.

A group of students who were victim of this injustice said that this was done by a particular teacher. They could have lost a precious year and valuable time of their life because of this unfortunate incident.

Students informed that after an internal evaluator checked their mark sheets, at least two dozen of them got even below than 30 percent marks in a post-graduation course. They were not satisfied with their numbers but decided not to speak against the teacher who deliberately failed them. Later they all joined to fight against the unjustified evaluation.

Students took the matter to attention of the Vice-Chancellor secretariat and after their constant appeals, the V-C office intervened and their marksheets were re-evaluated by an external evaluator. All of them secured more than 50 percent in re-checking. The administration was seeing their genuine demand for revaluation as a ‘coup’ against the authority of teachers.

Students said that traditionally students have not spoken against injustice done to them by teachers. They believe that they must bring transparency, accountability, and answerability to avoid any intentional harm to a student’s career. The teachers must be aware that they should not cause any intentional harm to satisfy their ego.

They informed that they have brought this whole matter into notice of the Chancellor’s (Lt. Governor) and appealed that teacher who is hell-bent to ruin students’ career must be punished. The concerned teacher has also been the focal point of many controversies in JU and was even asked to resign from an administrative position over seniority issues after J&K government intervened.