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J&K BJP has time and again targeted the bureaucracy for poor governance

Last Updated on August 7, 2021 at 12:45 pm

Pointing out the development in Jammu and Kashmir going at a snail’s pace senior BJP leaders in J&K Yudhvir Sethi, Kavinder Gupta and many others have in the past criticized the bureaucracy for ignoring the hopes of the people. People and many politicians are not satisfied and happy with the way bureaucrats are working in J&K, it has been claimed.

During Covid-19 second wave, BJP vice-president, Yudhvir Sethi criticized the administration for not handling the pandemic in J&K effectively despite knowing the fact that second wave would be more dangerous. While doing a press conference in Jammu, he had condemned the administration for making the CD Hospital a Triage Centre as a big mistake.

Also, Sethi had blamed the bureaucracy for messing up the mining business in Jammu and had alleged that the officials were patronizing the mining mafia.

Former J&K deputy chief minister, Kavinder Gupta had also accused the bureaucracy in J&K. When the row over Mahajans, Khatris and Sikhs deprived of buying or selling agricultural land in the Union Territory, Kavinder Gupta reached the top officials to amend the rule but no one heard him.

The new wine policy deprived wine traders in Jammu, was criticized by BJP chief spokesman, Sunil Sethi.

The Communist Party of India (M) leader Mohammad Yousuf Taragami had said that claims have been made that government will empower grassroots democracy and it should be done now.

He further said that bureaucracy needs to get sensitized to the fact that the District Development Council (DDC) comprises elected representatives.

Peoples Conference chairman Sajad Gani Lone also made bureaucrats responsible for disappointing DDC members.