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J&K Finance Dept refuses to clear “unauthorized” liabilities prior to year 2019-20

Last Updated on March 19, 2021 at 4:08 pm

Government has made it clear that it will not clear “unauthorized” liabilities of all departments prior to 2019-20. Authorities will only fund those purchases which are completely transparent and have followed procedures.

The Finance Department issued a circular stating that it will fund liabilities of purchases if norms were followed in procuring them. Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, Financial Commissioner Finance Department, issued a circular stating that there have been many instances regarding procurement of goods and services mainly before 2019-20, whose payment is still not cleared for various reasons.

The circular noted that payment will be processed for goods and services which are procured according to norms laid down in transparent manner and duly verified. The department directed that no liability should be carried forward to Financial Year 2021-22.

Finance department of Jammu and Kashmir makes it clear that no liability prior 2019-20 will be cleared

Another circular asked authorities to procure goods from local manufacturers through GeM. It reads that according to Rule 149 of GFR-2017, procurement of Goods and Services through Government e-Market Place (GeM) has been made mandatory for all Government departments.

Circular further read GeM has informed that local filters have started working from February 25, 2021 allowing the departments to procure goods and services from local manufacturers. It will boost the local manufacturing industry. Local filters and MSME filters will be used to procure from local manufacturers up to Rs 5.00 lakhs from Government e-Market Place (GeM) according to the procedure. If any purchase costs more than Rs 5.00 lakhs, then the department has to follow additional terms and conditions clause (ATC) and restrict procurement within a geographical limit.