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J&K govt issues circular barring politicians’ involvement in sports associations

Last Updated on April 30, 2021 at 10:55 am

Jammu and Kashmir government has finally taken a decision to put an end to practice of political favouritism in sports-related activities. There have been multiple instances in the past when previous politicians would use their powers to employ their favourites in the sector.

Reports inform that the J&K government has decided to stop any entry of political influencer in various sports associations in the UT. One would have to obtain a non-political participation certificate from the Deputy Commissioner to become an official of sports associations.

Reports say that this decision has been taken at the 57th journal body meeting of the Sports Council. The Sports Council released a circular for streamlining the work of sports associations. This circular mentions new guidelines regarding sports associations which have been issued. Elections of sports associations will be conducted under supervision of independent observers on postal ballot paper.

The sports federations will receive annual grants according to their performance in national and zonal level competition. Sports associations would have to pay a registration fee of Rs 50,000 and annual renewal fee of Rs 10,000. An authorized doctor will provide a medical fitness certificate to players participating in the national competition. Sports associations should be represented in ten districts; five from Kashmir and five from Jammu division.

Moreover, players who participate in national and zonal level competition will be given insurance protection from the association. Players who play at the national and international level will be able to vote in the sports association’s main executive body. Sports associations will also be capable of registering players according to their performance in sports competitions. Sports associations will be also bound to make the trial public two weeks in advance.

J&K administration has additionally decided that they will provide employment to excellent players through sports quota under SRO 309. Five new sports have also been added in the category including baseball, netball, triathlon, pancake silat and ice hockey. It will increase people’s interest in these games.

Political interference has negatively impacted various sports activities as funds worth crores granted for the development of sports were being misappropriated by authorities. NC Patriarch Dr Farooq Abdullah is already under scanner by agencies regarding his alleged involvement in Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association Scam.