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J&K Govt’s MoU with Dubai raise many eyebrows in Jammu

Last Updated on October 19, 2021 at 7:17 pm

The recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Jammu and Kashmir government with the Dubai government has raised many eyebrows especially in Jammu.

Businessmen here in Jammu say that it was an irony that J&K government is busy signing MoU with the foreign companies but are reluctant towards the local traders in Jammu. “The administration is making foreign companies invest here but on the other side the life of local businessmen are turning miserable” a shopkeeper in Gandhi Nagar area said.

On Monday J&K administration signed a MoU with the Dubai government for real estate development, industrial parks and to build infrastructure in J&K. The government claimed that it would help the Union Territory to achieve new heights in industrialization and sustainable growth. The deal has been signed at a time when the region is seeing resurgence in violence.

Another Jammu based businessman said that the existing business units have suffered huge losses due to the arbitrary decisions taken by the UT government. He added that since past two years many taxes have been levied and natives have been ignored.

He further said that bureaucrats don’t want to meet them and listen to their condition. He added that many students, businessmen, doctors, contractors and members of other sections of the society have staged protests in the recent past to make themselves heard.

Another businessman said that before signing MoUs with the foreign companies the J&K administration needs to pay attention towards the local businessmen.