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J&K High Court directs govt teachers to refrain from private tuition classes

Last Updated on April 1, 2021 at 2:57 pm

High Court has ordered the Education Department to ensure that Rule 10 of Employees Conduct Rules is implemented which implies that any government teaching faculty cannot teach private tuition without consent of the Government.

High Court has also directed that the Zonal Education Officers and Chief Education Officers will make sure that Rule 10 of the Employees Conduct Rules is in effect.

The Court was hearing a petition filed by a person who is father of two children studying in 10th & 12th classes. Justice Sanjeev Kumar said that rule 10 of the Employees Conduct Rules has only been limited to papers and has not been implemented by the Government authorities. When the administration tried to implement it then it was aborted by the teaching faculty of the School Education Department on two previous occasions.

He said that teachers in our society act as a role model and are responsible for shaping the career and character of students. The government pays a sufficient amount of salary to these teachers and so they should not teach in private tuitions compromising with education of students in the Government institutions. He also raised his concern over standard of education in the Government institutions which has gone down even though best faculty members are employed by the administration.

Justice Sanjeev Kumar said that it has been brought to the Court’s notice that many times these teachers would skip their classes in schools so that they can teach students in the private coaching centres. Their engagement in private coaching negatively affects their performance in Government schools. In order to prevent such conditions, Government employees are directed to stay clear from engaging in private occupations which can affect their official duties. Employees Conduct Rules have been crafted for the same. Rule 10 of the Employees Conduct Rules provides a solution to this problem.

High Court further asked the Government to set up a toll-free telephone number for every district to which people can complain about teachers engaging in private coachings. The Government should create a web portal/grievance cell where it can resolve complaints.

The court said that if government properly implements Rule 10 of the Employees Conduct Rules in all departments and especially in the Department of Education then the malpractice can be brought to an end. Teaching faculty should behave responsibly towards the students.