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J&K govt gives in to strong influence of private schools despite parents’ pleadings

Last Updated on March 30, 2021 at 10:31 am

A strong influence of private schools in J&K administration is once again revealed as they have successfully secured an extension of deadline to submit fee structure approval documents to the Fee Fixation and Regulation Committee (FFRC).

Document submission process was started in January this year but private schools repeatedly managed to extend deadline for submitting the document. Consequently, the government failed in its promise to regulate the fee structure in schools.

Even though parents of students studying in these schools continuously kept on complaining still extension was given to schools for submitting documents. Moreover, many schools have decided to charge full transport fees for the whole year despite the fact that transport facilities weren’t even used for many months.

FFRC has issued an order mentioning an extension of deadline in submitting documents for seeking approval of fee structure till May 10. The Committee cited “busy schedule” of the school management for this extension. The order reads that March 22 was last date for submission of documents. While some schools submitted their documents, others requested the committee to extend deadline as schools are busy in conducting exams.

Earlier, deadline for submitting documents was set in mid-February and was extended to March 22. Now, the committee has again decided to extend this date for schools to submit the documents. The committee is providing support to private schools in their unethical quest to make maximum profits by exploiting parents. The government has not yet paid heed to parents’ complaints regarding charging of transport fee by private schools.

The committee was set up to fix and regulate all types of fee charged by private schools. It should discharge its duties by regulating the functioning of these private educational institutions and avoid consistently extending deadlines.

The committee has also extended recognition of JK BOSE and CBSE affiliated private schools in J&K UT till March 31. This extension was granted to schools whose recognition expired in 2020 and they could not get renewal and extension because of COVID-19 lockdown.