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J&K: Police and SDRF rescue 21 from flash floods in Ujh river

In Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua and Poonch districts, authorities said that 21 people—including nine police officers—have been saved from flash floods on Monday. They also mentioned that shooting stones caused damage to three trucks stationed on the Mughal Road in Poonch.

Following reports that 12 people were caught in flash floods in the Ujh River on Monday, a police team and members of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) sped to the scene and started a rescue effort, according to the officials. Rains in the higher sections caused the river’s water level to rise, trapping 12 people, including four women, they claimed.

Senior Superintendent of Police Ramesh Kotwal of Kathua reported that 12 people were saved by police and an SDRF team from a sudden flood in the Ujh river. Additionally, he urged residents to avoid the Ujh River due to the impending rainy season. In a similar occurrence, officials said that nine police officers were trapped when flash floods penetrated a police station in the Chakan-da-bagh sector of the Line of Control in the Poonch district.

According to reports, the cloudburst produced the flooding, and police officers sought refuge on the police station’s rooftop. Police crews reportedly arrived quickly and pulled the officers from their submerged police station. They said that there were no casualties but that at least three trucks were damaged as a result of shooting stones near the Bufliyaz neighbourhood on the Mughal Road.

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