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JU holds seminar on contribution of Dogra rulers in development of Urdu language

Last Updated on June 13, 2024 at 7:10 pm

The Department of Urdu, University of Jammu, today organised a one-day National Seminar on the topic “Contributions of Dogra rulers in the Development of Urdu Language in Jammu and Kashmir.” The event took place in the Prof. Gian Chand Jain Seminar Hall and was presided over by renowned historian Prof. Jigar Mohammed. Dr. Karan Singh’s son, Ajat Shatru Singh attended as the Chief Guest, while Prof. Meena Sharma, Dean of Planning & Development, was the Guest of Honour. Prof. Shohab Inayat Malik, Head of the Urdu Department, and Dr. Mohammed Reyaz Ahmed also graced the stage.

In his presidential address, Prof. Jigar Mohammed commended the Urdu Department for spotlighting a previously unexplored topic. He emphasized the significant contributions of Dogra rulers, particularly noting that the history of Jammu and Kashmir was documented in Urdu during Maharaja Gulab Singh’s reign. He highlighted that Maharaja Gulab Singh established relations with the Mughal emperors in Lahore and Delhi, bringing Urdu-speaking people to the region and introducing Urdu Ghazal singers to Jammu. Prof. Mohammed urged further research on this subject.

Ajat Shatru Singh expressed gratitude to the Urdu Department for honoring his ancestors through the seminar. He highlighted Maharaja Pratap Singh’s decision to make Urdu the official language of Jammu and Kashmir in 1889 and discussed the broader vision of the Dogra rulers for promoting Urdu. He noted that Maharaja Ranbir Singh, a great admirer of Urdu, established a translation society, a library, and a press to publish Urdu books and newspapers. Urdu newspapers & Urdu books.

In his thought-provoking keynote address, Prof. Shohab Inayat Malik provided a historical overview of Urdu’s entry into Jammu,first during the regime of Maharaja Gulab Singh after 1846.  During his regime, prominent Urdu poets like Mir, Galib and Soda were introduced to the people of Jammu by the visitors who visited J&K from different parts of India. During the regime of Maharaja Ranbir Singh, Urdu grew tremendously in Jammu. He was a lover of Art and Culture, who implemented a new policy of education in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. During his regime, books of English, Arabic and Persian got translated in Urdu. Maharaja also establishes “Bidya Balas Sabha” and “Bidya Balas News Paper” for the promotion of Urdu. He organized various literary activities in his kingdom. He was a secular bent of mind having vast vision. Unofficially, Urdu entered the government . offices during the period of Maharaja Ranbir Singh. Prof. Malik further said that it was Maharaja Partap Singh who made Urdu official language in 1889. Maharaja Hari Singh and Dr. Karan Singh also contributed in the development of Urdu language. 

Prof. Meena Sharma also spoke on the occasion. Prof. Mohd. Reyaz Ahmed presented the welcome address while Dr. Chaman Lal presented a vote of thanks. The proceeding of function was conducted by Dr. Farhat Shamim. Later, two academic sessions were held in which Dr. Irfan Alam, Dr. Asif Malik, Dr. Chaman Lal, Dr. T.R.Raina, K.D. Mani, Dr. Abdul Rashid Manhas and others presented the research papers on the contribution of Dogra rulers in the development of Urdu. The sessions were presided over by Khalid Hussain, T.R. Raina, K.D. Mani, Ali Abbass and Sqd. Leader Anil Sehgal. The vote of thanks was presented by Prof. Shohab Inayat Malik, HOD, Urdu. The seminar was attended by students, scholars, civil society members, and family members of Dr. Karan Singh.