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Kashmiri Pandits demand technology-driven solutions to streamline ration distribution

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 at 7:17 pm

In a meeting with Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner (RRC) Migrants J&K, Dr. Arvind Karwani, group of representatives from the Kashmiri migrant community presented a series of proposals aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the ration distribution system.

The delegation highlighted the challenges faced by migrants due to current monthly ration distribution framework and proposed shift to an annual distribution model.

The representatives also put forth several alternatives and recommended the exploration of technology-driven solutions. These measures are expected to streamline the process and ensure that the distribution is conducted without any discrepancies, directly benefiting the legitimate relief recipients.

Dr. Karwani provided a thoughtful and attentive response to the delegation, assuring them that their valuable suggestions regarding the improvement of ration distribution system will be considered and discussed with higher authorities for potential implementation.