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Kashmiri separatists get offended over an act by stand-up comedian Agrima Joshua

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 at 7:01 pm

A video of stand-up comedian Agrima Joshua has received outrage from offended Kashmiri separatists. This video is of her recent show which was organised at Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. In her show, Joshua made statements about Kashmiris and their ‘struggle’ has offended the separatists. Zahir, a Kashmir resident, posted these video of Agrima Joshua’s performance and criticized her calling her insensitive and dumb.

Agrima Joshua

Other than Kashmiris, Agrima also offended a section of people who allege that Agrima also tried to make fun of Indian army in this performance.

Following the controversy, the organisers of her show – ‘Jajeer Talkies’ posted apology on social media to mitigate the effects. The organisers accepted their mistake and said that they could have handled the event better. They said that they did not have any intentions to hurt the sentiments of the audience.

The statement reads that they admit that they could’ve handled better what happened and that they have failed. They reiterate our unequivocal apology to all the people. Secondly, they believe that some jokes may not have any intention to hurt the sentiments of the audience, but it may somehow end up offending people anyway. They would like to inform people that there was no intention of hurting the sentiments of anyone. They apologize for not carrying out their responsibility properly. They also request people to not to be violent and attack the venue or its owner and label them with names. They also thanked Winterfell Cafe and its owner, venue of performance, for their hosting.

Kashmiri separatists felt offended as her performance made fun of their so-called “freedom struggle”. Many of these separatists started calling out Jazeer Talkies for inviting a non-Kashmiri comedian and in their fantasies, Kashmir is not a part of India.

However, there were many Kashmiris too who openly called out separatists and were of the opinion that her jokes did not mean to offend anyone.

As a result of the outrage, Jazeer Talkies have taken down their Twitter account.