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Kashmiri start-up provides free food to covid patients and their families

Last Updated on May 5, 2021 at 10:07 am

As India went through a second and more devastating coronavirus wave, J&K UT also witnessed a huge spike in number of covid patients. The government put restrictions to flatten this curve of covid cases. Many people whose family members were found to be infected by the deadly virus are facing difficulties in having food.

In mid of all heartbreaking news coming from various parts of the nation, a campaign called ‘Food for Kashmir’ through which free home-cooked food is delivered to these COVID patients and their families is seeming like a ray of hope. A food delivery start-up ‘Tiffin Aaw’ in Srinagar is credited to initiate this campaign on social media. People affiliated with this organization are delivering free meals for covid positive families, COVID warriors and others who are in need.

Owner of this start-up Rayees Ahmed got this idea when he started receiving a lot of distress calls from people outside Kashmir asking for food to be delivered to their COVID positive parents.

He said that they started Food for Kashmir recently when they got a lot of distress calls from people whose families were covid positive and they were unable to pay for their food. Since they are just a start-up and don’t have sufficient resources to provide free food to so many people. So, they started a campaign where people would sponsor food for those who can’t afford to pay. Many people donated funds to this initiative and through which they were able to feed many people in need.

They have decided that they will not bind up this noble initiative until pandemic is not over. They are consistently delivering food packets to hospitals, houses and COVID wellness centres and earning a lot of well-wishes.

Nida Rayees, co-founder says that it gives them immense satisfaction to help people. Moreover, they are ensuring that they adhere to all Covid protocols in delivering these food packets. They don’t allow delivery boys inside kitchen. They have also put out a request in public asking for a small tent for storing PPE kits, masks and other stuff.