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Kashmiri travellers protest at Wagah border as Pakistan restricts their entry

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 at 7:28 pm

Wagah border in Punjab witnessed a protest on Wednesday as dozens of Kashmiris were not allowed to enter Pakistan. Many travellers and students wanted to visit the neighbouring nation and they were stopped even after possessing all travel documents.

Reports mentioned that hundreds of people, including Kashmiris gathered near the Wagah to travel to Pakistan. Many Kashmiris, including students, travellers and elderly who wanted to visit their relatives on the other side were not allowed to cross over to another side. However, Pakistani travellers were permitted to return.

Hamnah Parvez, a protester said that she wanted to visit her sister who is currently pursuing MBBS in Pakistan. However, when she went to the border then she was told that Kashmiris are not allowed to go to Pakistan. She said that one family with protestors has a daughter who has to take exams. If she fails to do so then she will have to drop a year.

A medical student alleged that the officials at the Wagah were consistently changing their statements. They told the protestors to ask for permission from the Home Ministry. People are very distressed because of this development.

He said that the Pakistani embassy had told the travellers that they will be allowed to pass through Wagah border on March 17. He complained that even as they have proper visa and all the documents which are required still officials are holding them back. All the non-Kashmiris have been allowed to pass but officials are troubling them.