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Know about this woman entrepreneur from Jammu who will boost your motivation for fitness

Last Updated on March 15, 2022 at 4:32 pm

Women are putting their step forward in each and every fields of life. From handling homes chores, taking care of family and as well as running business or doing job they are excelling in every area.

One such example comes from Jammu, Neete Kour Khalsa mother of two children who has made a big name for herself and opened her women-specific gym ‘fitness club’ with the name ‘Queens Aerobics World’ in Janipur.

This fitness centre offers physical training to both young and elderly women that keep them physically and mentally healthy through various innovative exercises and aerobics.

Neete Kour Khalsa is a perfect example of strong woman and is an energetic sportswoman in J&K and has won an international gold medal at Jamshedpur in Indian Powerlifting Federation in 2019 when India hosted the same.

It was her dream to open a women-specific gym in Jammu’s Janipur area where ailing, distressed and psychologically affected women could get some relief. She said that she faced problems in running the fitness club in starting days but the situation has improved with the active support of the women who are participating in the fitness programmes.

Khalsa said that she has customers from all age groups and trains a 72 year old woman as well as young girls.

She added that elderly women who have various health problems can join them and take their programmes being especially run by expert trainers to overcome depression and retain their healthy life.

Anam, one of the young girls said that she was facing issues of stress which led to depression and she gained weight as well. Further she added that after joining gym her health improved after pursuing health programmes in the gym