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NC fields candidates on seats left for Congress in Nowshera; Congress accuses party of betraying alliance

Last Updated on December 12, 2020 at 4:36 pm

Congress party has accused the National Conference (NC) of betraying the alliance in seat sharing in the DDC polls.

Former MLC and JKPCC Chief spokesperson Ravinder Sharma termed it unfortunate that National Conference (NC) fielded candidates where the seats were left for congress in Nowshera assembly constituency.

Sharma who was on tour of the area to campaign for the party candidates, said this while responding to the queries of media persons for not fielding of party candidate against the PDP-NC alliance on Nowshera seat while NC fielded its candidates, at the eleventh hour, on Seri /Lamberi and sunderbani seats in Nowshera assembly constituency against the settlement arrived at between the parties on seat sharing at some places.

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Sharma said that although it was settled in the very beginning of talks for seat sharing, of which he was also a part, that PDP- NC together would contest the Nowshera seat while the Seri/Lamberi would go to congress while on Sunderbani seat, the local leadership would jointly decide the candidate.

“I did honour the settlement but it was unfortunate that NC fielded its candidate in Seri/Lamberi seat, the home seat of BJP president, on the last day against the settlement arrived.  Congress had not fielded any candidate on Nowshera seat, in earlier phase. I was conveyed by top leadership of NC on the day of filing of papers too that NC shall not field its candidate on Seri /Lamberi seat but unfortunately they did it, which was wrong” said Sharma.

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“At all other places where seats were mutually left for each other, no cross candidates were fielded, though on many seats we are contesting against each other where it was not settled” he added.

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