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Nearly 5000 educated youth registered for employment in Udhampur till 2021

Last Updated on January 8, 2022 at 8:47 pm

The Youth represent the real value of the society and form the building bricks for a sustainable future.  Educated unemployed youth constitute a sizable percentage which are unable to contribute due to lack of technical knowledge and financial support.  With growing unemployment and lack of adequate job opportunities in the public sector, self-employment has assumed great significance.  Entrepreneurship is the most effective tool to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and communities and to sustain a healthy economy and environment.

The promotion of self-employment has been flagged as the highest priority in government policies and programmes. For holistic entrepreneurship, participation, readiness and funding is paramount. In this regard District Employment & Counselling Centre Udhampur has started spot registration to rope in unemployed youth for entrepreneurship under different self-employment schemes and facilitate their skill development.

“The District Employment and Counselling Centre Udhampur has started spot registration. The unemployed youth can register themselves on all working days. The main objective of online registration is to create a database of unemployed educated youth in the district with their Academic/Technical/Professional records and offer them job avenues as per their qualification and ability” said AD Employment, Priyanka Gupta.

At present the total number of Un-Employed educated youth registered with the employment office on ending Dec’ 2021 is 4977 (2019 Males, 2958 Females).

“Due to the prevailing situation of COVID-19 we are unable to increase the spot registration, because all Colleges/Schools/professional colleges/Universities/ITI etc. are closed. Now the department of Employment has launched an online portal for E-Registration i.e for unemployed youth, who have registered themselves from their own places 24×7.

“This office has also registered 21750 un-organized sector workers associated with activities like, Carpet Weaving, Tailor Coblers, Gold Smiths, Cooper Smith, Bakers, Potters, Hair Dressers, Gardners, wood Cutters, tyre workers, Handloom/Handicrafts workers, street hawker/vender, Spinning wheel worker, knitting worker, Automobile Mechanic, Pony Wala, Embroidery worker, Rag picker, Electronics goods repair worker, Security Services, Petrol/Diesel pump services, Leather worker, Agriculture worker etc.

Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan Dhan Yojana is another pathbreaking scheme, she said. It is a pension scheme for unorganized workers whose age is between 18 years to 40 year. They can enroll him/herself at CSCs/Khidmat Centres to avail the benefit of monthly pension after attaining the age of 60 years. 

The AD Employment also referred to Customized Livelihood Scheme launched by Government of J&K for female and male youths under Mission Youth, She said  “MUMKIN” is for males under which they are provided subsidized small commercial vehicles to earn their livelihood, while  females are facilitated to set up small ventures under Tejeswani scheme.

The applicant will have the full liberty to choose any Small Commercial Vehicle of any approved models/makes of his/her choice. A Financial Assistance to the tune of 100% of on-Road Price of the Vehicle in which 80% as Mudra Loan by the Bank, 10% Special incentive by Mission Youth, 10% special discount by Vehicle Manufacturer to be treated as Margin Money. As on date more than 300 unemployed youth registered themselves in Mission Youth Portal out of which 138 numbers of applications was approved by the DLIC (District Level Implementing Committee).