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Netizens furious as Twitter shows Jammu and Kashmir as a part of China

Last Updated on October 19, 2020 at 11:56 am

Social Media giant Twitter faced people’s ire as it showed Jammu and Kashmir as a part of neighbour China. The matter first came into light when Nitin A. Gokhale, author and National Security Analyst, went live on Twitter on Sunday in the noon. People noticed that Twitter was showing location “Jammu and Kashmir, People’s Republic of China”.

Nitin Gokhale went live from Hall of fame war memorial which is located on the Leh-Kargil road, about 4 km away from the city of Leh. This war memorial is made by the Indian Army in the memory of brave soldiers who lost their lives in the Indo-Pak wars. The museum contains weapons, documents and clothes worn by the soldiers during temperatures ranging upto -50°C.

When Gokhale noticed the anomaly, he tweeted a couple of minutes later, “Twitter folks, I just did a live from Hall of Fame. Giving Hall of Fame as the location and guess what it is saying Jammu & Kashmir, Peoples Republic of China! Are you guys nuts?” Adding another tweet, Nitin urged his audience to check if the problem persists. “Tweeple pl put Hall of Fame Leh as your location for live broadcast and see what’s happening. It shows location as Jammu and Kashmir, Peoples Republic of China. I tested it again. Outrageous. Pl flood Twitter with complaints. GoI should take immediate action. @rsprasad”. When other users went live by tagging Leh as their location, the microblogging site still showed it as a part of China.

Reacting to it, Kanchan Gupta who is a distinguish fellow at Observer Research Foundation (ORF) tweeted, “So @Twitter has decided to reconfigure geography and declare Jammu & Kashmir as part of People’s Republic of #China . If this is not a violation of #India laws, what is? Citizens of India have been punished for far less. But US Big Tech is above the law? @nitingokhale @rsprasad “.

Earlier, Chinese mobile company Xiaomi landed in a controversy when its default weather app wasn’t showing Arunachal Pradesh’s weather while it was functioning normal for other parts of the nation. However, later the company clarified that there was a technical glitch and it had been fixed.