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Now students of Jammu University may face disciplinary action for protesting

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 at 11:08 pm

Even as protest demonstrations are a part of democratic set up, there are some limits to it and those need to be respected.

Even the students of University of Jammu hold protest demonstrations against the authorities that are a part of varsity life. However the JU administration has now ordered that while protest is a democratic right, employees and visitors cannot be put in trouble due to these agitations.

As per an order by JU to provide a safe, secure and smooth working environment to all University employees and the stakeholders and without undermining the genuine rights of the individuals to protest in a democratic way for redressal of genuine concerns, it has been decided that resorting to undemocratic mode of protests like closing of gates of the campus will invite disciplinary action.

Below if the official order.