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This happens only in J&K: Heating system meant for Govt hospital installed at Babu’s bungalow

Last Updated on January 18, 2021 at 8:05 pm

Authorities have started scrutinising the Jammu and Kashmir Project Construction Corporation (JKPCC) official who allegedly tricked the government for getting lakhs of rupees to install a centrally-heating system at his bungalow.

Official documents have revealed that a Deputy General Manager of the JKPCC is being investigated for defying rules by installing an “improper centrally heating system” at a government hospital from government funds causing the government tens of lakhs of rupees in losses.

The official installed the improper central heating system at Psychiatric Hospital in Srinagar even though he was officially notified from the Principal of the Government Medical College Srinagar to not waste public money on the heating system which was not recommended.

Official exchange of message between the Principal GMC Srinagar and the Managing Director JKPCC reveals that he was directed not to install heating system which was unsuitable for the hospital. GMC even wrote a letter in 2017 to stop installing VRV System at Psychiatric Disorder hospital Srinagar. The VRV technology is not suitable for government hospitals but is mainly used for small houses.

An engineer said that using VRV technology for government hospital is a complete wastage of public money. Hospitals have to adhere by a set of rules in use of the heating system which starts from November 15 to March 15 and has to follow heating standards as prescribed by the government.

Sources said that many officials were shocked as JKPCC did not install a proper heating system as recommended by the government. Finally, some employees found VRV technology heating system at DGM’s house and the mystery was resolved. He bought heating system for his personal use from the fund meant for installing central heating system for the hospital. He bought VRV heating system even after repeated directions as it is used in homes.

According to the rules, the misuse of government money should be recovered from his salary. Even though many cases have been filed against the official, still he has not been sacked from his position.