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Only announcements no delivery; J&K Govt has proved it on Metro Rail, Jambu Zoo, employment and much more

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 at 9:49 pm

While the Jammu and Kashmir government has made several announcements in the past regarding development and employment to the unemployed youth but there are questions on delivery of these promises.

The J&K government has miserably failed on almost all fronts and it is only the PR of the administration that is trying to be the face saver but gets exposed time and again. As there is an alleged hostile policy of J&K government towards the media, the administration expects that only positive news be published in favour of the government.

Protests by unemployed youth demanding written test for Border Battalion of J&K police among others have exposed the failure of J&K government regarding their employment policy. Although the J&K administration led by Lt Governor Manoj Sinha has been claiming that employment will be provided to the youth of J&K, these protests only leave administration red faced.

The closure of Kashmir press club in an alleged hostile ‘takeover’ was also a clear example of J&K government’s policy towards media.

The government had even failed in Jammu in implementing a weekend lockdown where traders defied restrictions for consecutive two weeks. The J&K government was left so embarrassed that it had to end the weekend lockdown as a face saver.

Interestingly the projects of Metro Rail and Jambu Zoo are also an example of lackadaisical attitude of the officials who are only busy in releasing press statements through the government’s PR department.

Juggling of numbers and allocation of funds to different departments that people of J&K daily read on front pages of newspapers do not tell the real story of what actually is happening in the UT.

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