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Operation RTG was most demanding mission of “my” life; says Brigadier Shekhawat who climbed Mount Everest thrice

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 at 6:18 pm

Brigadier SS Shekhawat, the Deputy Commandant of HAWS, who personally led the search operation RTG to retrieve bodies of the three Army mountaineers in Ladakh is no stranger to formidable challenges, having climbed Mount Everest thrice and been awarded the Kirti Chakra for one of the toughest operations conducted by the Indian Army. However, he describes Operation RTG as the most demanding mission of his life. 

“Dug for nine days straight, 10-12 hours every day at 18,700 feet,” he recounted. “Tons of snow and ice were removed.” The grueling effort, both physically and mentally, tested the resilience of the entire team. 

Despite the immense hardships, Brigadier Shekhawat expressed a profound sense of fulfillment. “It has been the toughest mission of my life, physically, mentally, and emotionally,” he said. “But I am satisfied that we have retrieved them. Rohit has been cremated with full military honours. Thakur and Gautam are being sent to their kins , where they will receive befitting last rites , the soldiers deserve.”

His words underscore the unwavering spirit and dedication of the HAWS team, highlighting their commitment to bringing their fallen comrades home.