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Pakistan new map: Kashmir, Ladakh and Junagadh included in the new political map

Last Updated on August 6, 2020 at 1:18 am

Pakistan has rolled out a new map in which Kashmir and Ladakh have been included as the part of territories of Pakistan. Surprisingly the map also claims Junagadh in Gujarat as its own territory.

The new political map by Pakistan has come after India included parts of Pakistan Occupied Ladakh in the new territorial map of UT of Ladakh. Gilgit and Baltistan were included as part of the map of UT of Ladakh after the region separated from Kashmir on August 5.

The move is being seen as a reply of Pakistan to India on the first anniversary of August 5 when the state of Jammu and Kashmir was bifurcated into two UTs. However the move of Pakistan is superficial as it has no control over the Indian areas and its hold over the Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is also weakening day by day.

However former Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit said in a tweet, ” How can J&K including AJ&K be shown as part of Pakistan if it is disputed as mentioned on the new map as well. Self-contradictory. I have more comments to make but for now this may suffice.”

What has surprised many in India and even in Pakistan is that the country has now claimed Junagadh in Gujarat as its own territory in the political map of Pakistan. Many people on Twitter and other social media platforms said that the new map of Pakistan is a joke as the country has waged three wars against India and has only deepened its own economic crisis than getting anything else.

Meanwhile people and political parties in Jammu and Ladakh are all set to celebrate the first anniversary of abrogation of article 370.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan said that it was a historic day today as a new political map was introduced. “This is the expression of aspiration of people of Pakistan. The map also condemns the step by India on August 5 last year. The map will now be introduced in schools, colleges and at teh international platforms”, said Imran Khan.