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Pashmina dehairing plant in Leh to be repaired to boost production

Last Updated on February 23, 2021 at 7:28 pm

Deputy Commissioner/ CEO, LAHDC Leh, Shrikant Suse today called a meeting to discuss issues related to the development of Pashmina in Leh district.

The issues discussed during the meeting were repair and maintenance of existing Pashmina dehairing plant in Leh, clean harvesting and collection of pashmina fibre, pre-evaluation of random pashmina fibre samples to determine the rate of pashmina based on colour and quality, procurement of pashmina by Cooperative Society and improving the governance and expand the membership of ACPGCMS.

DC Leh, Shrikant Suse assured the President of ACPGCMS that the repair and maintenance work of the dehairing plant would be completed on a fast track basis. While discussing clean harvesting and collection of pashmina fiber, DC called to provide tarpaulin and combing materials at the earliest to pashmina growers under Changthang package, and other Govt supported initiatives for clean harvesting of pashmina.

To boost the production of good quality pashmina, DC Leh also directed to constitute a committee for the proper evaluation of pashmina produce in villages to categorise the product and the rate of pashmina wool according to its quality.

DC Leh also directed DRC Leh, Dr Abbas, to frame an action plan to procure 100 per cent pashmina by the Pashmina Cooperative Society. He also asked Dr Abbas to look for subsidy schemes available to provide help to the pashmina growers.

DC Leh, Shrikant Suse also enjoined upon department and President of ACPGCMS to expand the members of Changthang Pashmina Growers Cooperative Marketing Society, and submit recommendations to strengthen the governance mechanism of the society.

Organising awareness camps for all stakeholders engaged in the pashmina industry and problems faced by them in availing loans from the bank, and testing pashmina wool at labs, were also discussed during the meeting.