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PDD’s negligence in Jammu causes short circuit incident

electricity in jammu

In the village Keran Pattiyan in Bantalab area on Jammu city outskirts, locals are worried and fed from the negligence of Power Development Department (PDD).
As per locals, a short circuit caused by the loose electric supply wires damaged several electrical appliances worth lakhs in their households few days back.  The residents of the area said that they are worried that the incident might happen again as the loose wires are still generating huge sparks especially during night hours.

Women residents said that due to short circuit caused by supply wires completely damaged their electric appliances including water purifier, transformer, set top box, fans and switches. They further added that PDD is responsible for their losses and demanded compensation.

Another villager said that this time only a few appliances got damaged and there was no loss of human life due to the threatening short circuit but if such incident repeats and some mis happening occurs who will be answerable. Even after complaints no action has been taken. The villagers demanded that the PDD should be made answerable for their damages and also sought compensation for the losses they incurred at the earliest, as per Early Times.

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