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Meet this young entrepreneur making every effort to preserve traditional Kashmiri food

Last Updated on March 15, 2022 at 1:42 pm

Kashmir not only provides everyone with scenic and breathtaking locations but also offers with wide range of exotic and delicious Kashmiri cuisines. Keeping the traditions alive, a young entrepreneur from Kashmir is making every effort to preserve the traditional foods of Kashmir.

Asma Bhat, a college student from Kashmir through a social media platform is selling a wide variety of Kashmiri foods including rote (traditional Kashmiri cake), noon chai, kehwa and more. Asma believes that Kashmiri traditional food is fading with time and people have started to prepare such foods less at their home.

Asma said that traditional cuisine Wazwan is still very famous but the rest of the other traditional food items are losing their popularity day by day and added that she is making every effor to revive all the food products that represent Kashmiri culture and traditions.

Asma learnt to cook by watching her maternal grandmother who stirs the magic of flavours in a pot. “Kashmiri dal made with Moong gram is what I made the first time in my grandmother’s kitchen. That was the beginning of discovering my love for food,” she adds.

Asma use to cook for her family and friends but she found an opportunity when she came to know about an exhibition happening nearby and participated in the exhibition and began to sell homemade authentic Kashmiri dishes.

Asma added that the event was just the beginning as opportunities at other exhibitions and orders through her Instagram page began to come. “One of the prominent organisers of similar events even invited me to be their official food partner. That was a huge boost of confidence for me and inspired faith in my parents as well. They began to take my passion more seriously and extended their support,” adds Asma.

Asma’s venture has gathered around 50 loyal customers through online deliveries. After spending hours creating the intricate dishes, her food ranges between Rs 50 to Rs 150.

Asma’s business went through the difficulties of pandemic restrictions but she did not lose hope and added that she wants to keep taking orders via Instagram and do such exhibitions till she saves enough to start her own restaurant.