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Physical Education Teachers in J&K raise objection over LG Advisor’s directions

Last Updated on March 30, 2021 at 8:11 pm

Physical Education Lecturers (PELs), Physical Education Teachers (PETs) and Physical Education Masters (PEMs) working in the Department of Youth Services and Sports (DYSS) have found themselves in a troublesome position as Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor recently issued directions.

The Directorate of Youth Services and Sports has directed all district sports officers of Jammu Division to allot extra work to PELs, PEMs and PETs of at least two schools where Physical Education Staff is not present.

On 18 March 2021, a meeting was organised under the Chairmanship of Advisor to LG in his office to discuss activities of Youth Services and Sports Department. As this meeting concluded, many directions were issued. One of these was that services of Physical Education Lecturers (PELs), Physical Education Teachers (PETs) and Physical Education Masters (PEMs) must be utilized in maximum capacity and in order to do so, additional charges of two schools at minimum nearby must be given to lecturers. They will have to work there in order to complete their working hours.

PELs, PEMs and PETs were not very pleased with this decision. They complained that this new system will pan out in a way in which a coach in Jammu trains players in morning and then trains players in a nearby district in afternoon. Physical Education Lecturers have to take multiple classes with total students strength ranging from 300 to 500 and then do practicals. They said that these teachers also have to perform other social duties throughout the day.

These teachers are either taking classes throughout the day or doing practicals on the ground. They asked that how is it possible for them to perform their duties to full capacity if they have to move from one school to another on a regular basis.

They asked that teachers will have to attend two or more schools for salary of just one school. Teachers will have to spend extra on travelling to other schools which is not feasible under their present salary. They’d have to travel around 10-30 km to attend other schools. Physical Education Lecturers get only Rs 4300 as Grade Pay. They requested LG Manoj Sinha to relieve them of such orders.

Director-General of Directorate of Youth Services and Sports said that they have not issued any such order by now.