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Promises of administration of regular power supply vanishes in air as power crisis deepens in J&K

Last Updated on May 2, 2022 at 10:53 am

Jammu and Kashmir continues to grapple with an unprecedented power crisis amid the rising temperature. People in Jammu region are battling against the worst ever power crisis since past month. People of Jammu have to face prolonged power cuts in these scorching summers.

The promise made by J&K administration to its people regarding 24 hours power supply to households having smart meters installed seems to have vanished in air. Even after installing smart meters people have to face unscheduled power curtailment. The administration made tall claims to households in the Union Territory that they will be getting uninterrupted power supply and it will start from 6603 households falling in the Jammu district and will be extended to other parts of the Union Territory in a phased manner. But allegedly, due to lackadaisical approach of some bureaucrats towards fulfilling promises can be seen now as these claims have been a distant dream.

Lieutenant governor said that the move will enable consumers to monitor their power consumption behavior and regulate it accordingly and the Pre-paid feature, to be enabled in the coming days, will provide desired flexibility in the consumption of electricity to the consumers.

The rising public anger against the government forced people to hit the streets and stage their protest. Lots of people have been made to spend sleepless nights in the open due to this power crisis. Moreover, water supply has been badly hit in entire J&K.