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Punjab Police ASI arrested taking bribe

Last Updated on October 25, 2023 at 4:26 pm

In the relentless pursuit of eradicating corruption from the state, the Punjab Vigilance Bureau (VB) achieved another success on Wednesday by apprehending Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Raj Kumar, posted as reader to DSP Ajnala, red-handed while allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 17,000.

          Disclosing this today, a spokesperson of the state VB said the arrest of above said ASI was made following a complaint lodged by Mohan Singh, a resident of Ajnala town in Amritsar district.

          He further informed that the complainant has approached the VB and detailed his encounter with the accused police official, stating that ASI Raj Kumar has called him in his office and told that he has received a complaint against him alleging purchase of stolen ear pendants of gold. The complainant further alleged that the said ASI asked him to pay Rs 50,000 as a bribe if he wants to avoid a police case in this regard but the deal was struck at Rs 35,000. Feeling coerced and threatened, the complainant reluctantly agreed to pay this bribe to resolve the matter.

          The spokesperson further added that upon receiving this complaint, the VB Range Amritsar conducted a preliminary investigation and subsequently set up a trap operation in which ASI Raj Kumar was arrested red-handed while accepting bribe of Rs 17,000 from the complainant in his office, in the presence of two official witnesses.

          In this regard, a case has been registered under FIR 36, dated October 25, 2023, under section 7 of the Prevention of Corruption Act at VB Police Station Amritsar Range. The accused would be presented before the appropriate court tomorrow, and further investigations into the matter were under progress, he added.