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Saree at Rs 20, T-shirt Rs 35; Major scam to evade GST at Railway station Jammu busted

Last Updated on March 20, 2021 at 2:14 pm

A major scam to evade Goods and Services Tax (GST) at Railway station Jammu has been busted by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Railways Internal Vigilance and SGST department.

Businessmen from Delhi and Jammu are involved in the scam that was running with the help of railways staff members to evade tax that could run in crores.

The modus operandi of the accused could be understood that they put a price tag of Rs 20 on sarees and Rs 35 on T-shirt so that the total price does not exceed Rs 50,000 and bring the consignment under the GST.

Raids were conducted at railway station on Friday after specific inputs were developed by the three agencies including the CBI that leading businessmen in New Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and other States in-league with officials of the Railways had developed unique modus operandi to evade GST running into crores.
As per the nexus, the businessmen were drastically undervaluing the goods being transported in different trains from New Delhi to Jammu in connivance with Railways officials posted in Parcel Office at both Jammu and Delhi Railway Stations.