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SRO-202 likely to be revoked from J&K within two weeks

Last Updated on June 9, 2020 at 4:52 pm

Jammu, June 9: With the pressure on government of Jammu and Kashmir building from all sides, SRO 202 is expected to be withdrawn by the administration within two weeks, sources have informed.

The controversial rules require a person in a government job appointed as per SRP 202 to serve a period of five year probation only after which he or she can become a permanent employee of the government. The union government has now entered into the scene and discussed the issue with the Lt Governor of J&K so as to end the controversy.

Youths of the Union Territory had criticized the BJP led central government for not intervening into the matter and removing the controversial rules that came into force in year 2015 when BJP and PD had an alliance in the then state of J&K.

“It is the time to start caring for youth of J&K and Ladakh. Rollback the anti-youth policy. Revoke SRO-202” writes a Twitter user Dr Inamul Bashir.

SRO 202 had impacted the youth from both the regions of Jammu and Kashmir equally as a result a sustained effort was made by youth of entire UT against the rules. A social media campaign was carried out against the rules only after which union minister Dr Jitendra Singh discussed the matter with Lt Guv of J&K GC Murmu.

Another Twitter user CL Thakur writes, “Government is requested to revoke the SRO-202 new recruitment policy which discriminate equality among the Govt employees. Needs to be amendment for equal work equal pay. The policy was enforced during 2015 only in J&K by the coalition Govt. Of PDP and BJP”.

After the abrogation of Article 370 from J&K, the demand for abolition of SRO 202 has gained momentum with residents of the UT questioning as to why discriminatory rules were still in practice when the government has made J&K into a UT.

After reports that SRO 202 might only be amended and not revoked, Twitter users from Jammu asked Dr Jitendra Singh to completely revoke the controversial rules. “Sir we are the victims of unconstitutional /unacceptable SRO 202 we request to you sir plz fullfil our youth demand SRO 202 is totally revoked not amend if u want J&k educated youth is not discriminated so plz it’s humble request revoke SRO 202 completely” wrote Pankaj Gupta, a social media user.