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Still no permanent homes for families of Kishtwar displaced after cloudburst

Last Updated on December 9, 2021 at 2:07 pm

In the Hunzar Dacchan area of Jammu and Kashmir, many displaced families lost their homes after a cloudburst. These families have to spend this winter season in rented accommodations or some other places as they have still not got permanent houses.

Their residential houses were destroyed in the massive cloudburst taking lives of many and making many people homeless, they are still looking for permanent homes as per Greater Kashmir.

A resident of Hunzar village said that they are still finding home as still they have not re-constructed their homes in Hunzar village as the land has sunk and added that they do not have any financial support.

Further the resident said that many families shifted to Kishtwar town and other areas of the district on rented accommodation or in the houses of their relatives.

Ajaz Ahmad of Hunzar said that he received serious injuries in the cloudburst and is under treatment and his health is improving. Further added that he has not gone there and their family is in Bathindi in Jammu and some members in Kishtwar.

He said that his sister and sister-in-law died in the cloud burst and their bodies have yet not traced. Ahmad said that while eight bodies were recovered, 18 persons were still missing. He said that six families were still living in the devastated village of Dacchan in Kishtwar.

It is pertinent to mention that few months ago, a cloudburst hit remote Hunzar village, in Dacchan area of the hilly Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir which took lives of several people and making many others homeless.