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Terror attack in Vienna is a grim reminder of Islamic radicalisation

Last Updated on November 3, 2020 at 11:23 pm

In Vienna, gunmen started firing on people enjoying a last night out at Vienna’s restaurants and cafes before a Coronavirus induced lockdown took place.  

The authorities called it a terrorist attack. This attack became the cause of two deaths including one of the gunmen and left 15 others injured. Hours after the attack took place, Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that we are victims of a nasty terror attack in the capital city. One of the assailants was neutralized while the rest were on the loose. They seem to be well equipped with automatic weapons.

The police said that there were six shooting locations and the shooting started after 8 PM on a crowded street in the city. Footage on social media which could not be verified yet shows gunmen walking on the street and shooting people randomly.

Kurz said that the terror attack might be an anti-Semitic attack however the motive is under investigation. According to the Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, the Army has been asked to guard the key locations in the city and the police are still hunting for the gunmen. Karl urged the people in Vienna to stay indoors and avoid visiting the city center. He also urged the parents to not send their children to schools on Tuesday.

The Interior Minister also applauded the police for killing one of the shooters. He said that we will not be intimidated by these terrorist attacks and will fight them.

The Mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig, said that 15 people are hospitalized with seven of them having serious injuries.

 Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister, a spectator,  said that  they were shooting at least 100 rounds just outside his building.

American President Donald Trump extended his support to Austria. He tweeted that our prayers are with the people of Vienna after suffering another attack of terrorism in Europe. These evil attacks against innocent people must stop.

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted that France shares the shock and grief of the Austrian people. This is our Europe. The enemies of Europe must know who they are dealing with. We will not give up.

The Vienna police has also advised people to stay indoors and keep away from public places and public transportation.