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This lake in Jammu dug by Arjun’s son 12,000 years ago will now promote tourism

Last Updated on November 6, 2020 at 2:31 pm

The administration of Jammu and Kashmir has allowed a religious-tourism project at Mansar Lake. It is believed that water first here was dug up by skilled archer and the protagonist of the Mahabharata Arjun’s son. It is estimated that the project will cost around Rs 200 crore.

The government officials said that it is believed that the site is around 12,000 years old but its first digging took place by Arjun’s son Babruvahana during Mahabharata. This semi-oval water body is spread over less than a square Kilometer in the Jammu region in the border district of Udhampur. This lake is around 1.2 km long.

Detailed Project Report (DPR) states that the three temples – Sheshnag, Mansa Mata and Narsingh will also be restored at a cost of Rs 7 crore. The DPR was prepared by Union Territory and the central government. The mentioned project also includes the development of drainage channels and wellness and neuropathy center and bathing ghats which will cost the government around Rs 24 crore.

The administration is also planning to construct new pathways around the lake and access to different hamlets around the lake periphery. For water sports, the administration is also planning to include floating jetties, wooden jetties and motor boats.

Raj Kumar Katoch who is the director of tourism, Jammu told the Times Of India that this project is the biggest for Jammu region so far. It is estimated that it will generate employment for 1.5 crore people who will be connected by the project with an estimated income generation of Rs 800 crore per year.

The J&K administration has also decided to use metal and fibre sculptures which will depict the Dogra culture. The project will also include a Rs 70 lakh worth of bird watcher and a Rs 40 lakh hot air balloon site. A tourism official said that the hot air balloon will be developed at a tourist village called Channi.

The lake receives more than 10 lakh pilgrims from various parts of the nation and the area will come under high security zone as it is located very near the LOC.