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Turkey’s new policy over Kashmir is damaging India to help Pakistan

Last Updated on September 18, 2020 at 11:15 pm

After the Modi government abolished articles 370 and 35A that preserved special rights to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India has been receiving reactions from all over the World.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her views on this topic. Finland’s Foreign Minister also spoke on it. The US department of state and Britain’s foreign ministry also gave their views on this abolishment. Since every nation was given their views on the topic, how turkey can stay behind. India and Turkey had a diplomatic relationship since 1948 but tensions are brewing between both because of Turkey’s support to India’s rival Pakistan.  

On 15 August 2019, when India celebrated its 73rd Independence Day an article was published in Turkish media written by Ruwa Shah daughter of Separatist leader Altaf Ahmad Shah. In her article, she had written that while living in Turkey a thousand miles away from Kashmir she feels that her house has been surrounded by the people illegally and will be destroyed. While sharing her views on Kashmir she had also written that children in Kashmir have never seen a normal day in their life. “They don’t get proper food to eat nor do they get proper education to make their future” she wrote.

In 2017 National Investigation Agency (NIA) has registered Altaf Ahmad in case of terror funding. According to the National Investigation Agency Altaf was involved in collecting and receiving payments through illegal means, for distributing it among Kashmiri youth to throw stones on security forces, damaging public property including schools, and raising anti-national slogans.

He was also registered for working in hawala nexus. Turkey has a policy of radicalism as it wanted to promote Islam throughout the world. Since then Turkey media has been posting articles against India that Islam is not safe in India. The Kashmiri’s have been in worse condition in India, they claim. 

The article by Ruwa Shah which was printed in Turkish media was a full-fledged idea of Turkey to damage India’s image internationally. Turkey always wanted to spread radicalism in the name of Islam in the world so India’s decision of abolishing Article 370 had somehow affected Turkey’s plan. In recent years Turkey has started hiring Kashmiri Journalists. Not only Kashmiri but also Journalists from Pakistan to promote its policies. Turkey’s two global news channels have hired numerous journalists from Pakistan on the instructions of Turkish President Erdogan.

The Turkish President also wanted to make most of the Turkish media under his control. 

According to some analyst’s global channels of Turkish news earlier use to hire American and British journalists but since Erdogan came into power his main policy was to promote radicalism internationally. After that, both of these channels hired a number of Pakistani journalists who can give power and backing to Erdogan’s ideology through their writings. In one of the global media channels of Turkey, there are eleven editors out of which five are from Pakistan.

This number of Pakistani journalists is increasing and more and more Pakistani journalists are joining the channel. Besides this, the Turkish media has also hired many journalists with secessionist ideology from Jammu and Kashmir. 

As per the foreign policy observers, the Pakistani journalists that are working in Turkish media have been placed by Pakistan’s Secret Agency ISI to strengthen Pakistan’s relationship with Turkey. Also, their motive is to use Turkey as an advantage against India. However, all the news of Turkish media against India has been damaging the culture of Turkey.

Many known individuals working in Turkish media have been trying to replace Turkey’s policy of spreading radicalism globally as many of them believe that Turkish society has to wake up against the damage of the policy being caused to their own country. 

Turkey President Erdogan has started spreading his policies in his country by converting two UNESCO world heritage sites Hagia Sophia and Kariye Church into religious schools where he can radicalize the students. He now aims at a symbolic building in Turkey which is a hospital spread over an area of two hundred acres. The building was handed over to the Turkish government by the Medical Ministry of Turkey. The previous government of Turkey has shut all the religious schools but Erdogan reopening them directly proves that he wants to radicalize all the students studying in religious schools. 

Turkey’s efforts to damage India’s image globally are not getting any support from any country except Pakistan. India has good relations with countries across the globe and people from all over the world know how the Turkey government is trying to contaminate the world with its policy of spreading Islam and promoting radicalization. India is a secular country and people from different castes, religions, colors, love to reside in India as India respects its people.  Even the foreigners are coming to India to live a happy and peaceful life, say experts.