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Two laboratories of J&K Metrology Department vanish into thin air

Last Updated on May 25, 2021 at 5:53 pm

The Legal Metrology Department (LMD) witnessed a major misappropriation of funds which were to be used for construction of six Working Standard Laboratories (WSLs). However only four WSLs including two at Transport Yard Jammu and two at Bemina Srinagar were constructed instead of six.

To the utter surprise, even the Utilization Certificate (UC) in this regard was submitted to the Government of India, which had funded the construction of these labs under the Centrally sponsored scheme ‘Strengthening Legal Metrology Infrastructure of States/UTs’ during the 11th Five Year Plan.

According to sources, Controller LMD J&K, M Akbar Wani has formally recommended to the Administrative Department for investigation into the misuse of Government funds through some professional agency like Anti-Corruption Bureau or CBI.

According to official figures, Rs 25 lakh per WSL was released by the Central Government as Grant in Aid required additional funds Rs 237.57 lakhs for the completion of these Labs was provided by the State Government in 2009-2010.

Controller LMD J&K came to know about this deception recently when his office was preparing the Utilization Certificate of the balance amount, which was supposed to be submitted to the Government of India. 

When he noticed that something is fishy he enquired about status of the three Working Standard Labs constructed at the Legal Metrology complex in Transport Yard Jammu, the Controller was informed by Deputy Controller SS-Lab Jammu, Jaideep Singh Sambyal that there are only two WSLs in the complex. 

Controller immediately sought status of WSLs in Bemina Srinagar also from Dy Controller-Enforcement Kashmir, Muzafar Ahmad Wani, who too replied that instead of three, only two WSLs are functional there.

Executing agency who prepared maps showed two WSLs at Transport Yard Jammu and two at Bemina Srinagar.

But, as per the records of the correspondences made with the Central Government and the State Government, six WSLs have been constructed. 

The missing of WSLs has become a puzzle. The WSLs should have been completed within the Central assistance i.e Rs 25 lakh each, the amount was enhanced many times through State funding as per the official communication, forwarded by Controller LMD J&K M Akbar Wani to the Commissioner Secretary FCS&CA, informing the later about the fraud and seeking inquiry through some professional agency, who are expert in this field.