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Unable to chew food, patient gets another life as Pulse Hospital performs a 6-hour long surgery

Last Updated on January 18, 2021 at 10:51 pm

Pulse Hospital and Research Centre Jammu successfully conducted a maxillofacial surgery. This surgery was done by the team of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Dr Varun Sharma, Dr Bhupinder Singh and a team of anaesthesia led by Dr Mushtaq. Other doctors like Dr Sahil, Dr Burhan, Dr Pallvi and Dr Nidhi assisted in this surgery.

Dr Bhupinder Singh is Executive Director of Pulse Hospital and Research Centre.

The patient on which this surgery was performed reported to the Department of Dentistry at Pulse Hospital and Research Centre with a history of oral sub-mucous fibrosis. The patient had grade IVA OSMF, reduced mouth opening (1 cm) and was not able to chew and swallow food. Earlier, the patient went to many other hospitals and undergone many treatments like steroid hyaluronidase injection twice, laser surgery etc without any success and was unable to open his mouth.

Oral sub-mucous fibrosis is a pre-cancerous condition of oral mucosa/skin inside mouth that causes stiffening and mouth opening gradually decreases with the time. Continuous chewing of beetle leaf (PAAN) is mainly responsible for causing such problems. It is aggravated in patients who also smoke. Patient also suffers burning sensation from spicy food.

Pulse Hospital performed surgery after thoroughly examining the patient’s symptoms. The surgery was very complex and lasted for around 6 hours. Mohd. Qasim, CMD of Pulse Hospital and Research Centre congratulated the team of doctors who performed the surgery and appreciated efforts of faculty members in saving a precious human life.