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Govt Department fails to realize supervision charges, suffers lakhs in losses

Last Updated on January 27, 2021 at 4:27 pm

The department of Power Development suffered a loss of lakhs of rupees because of their carelessness for not realizing the supervision charges for the works performed on behalf of the other departments.

Two agencies assigned work to the office of Sub-Transmission Division PDD, Doda and accordingly the division had to put out the supervision charges in the Detailed Project Reports accurately and retrieve money according to the rules but apparently, the division failed to make recovery. Sources said that even though, concerned agencies by the Sub Division has taken the matter into their consideration, a portion of the total amount was realized but still a major amount could not be recovered by now.

Sources said that according to the rules of the Jammu & Kashmir Public Works Account Code (JKPWAC) which predicts that the works done on behalf of any agency, the prescribed supervision charges have to be paid by the executing agency.

Sources added that Sub-Transmission Division, Doda performed five projects for Rs 5 crore but they didn’t receive the supervision charges of Rs 49 lakhs. However, the depatment’s failure to work according to the rules resulted in non-recovery of supervision charges even though four out of five projects have already been executed.

When the Power Development Department was made aware of the issue, it was found that the supervision charges were not included in the DPRs of the works. It was because of an error due to which Rs 17 lakh out of Rs 49 lakh were recovered by the department. It has been asked many times to release the balance amount as per revised DPR for recovering the remaining amount.