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Understanding the importance of digital marketing in news industry

Last Updated on September 20, 2020 at 11:08 pm

Let’s start with an example to make you understand the importance of digital marketing in news industry.

Example: Most of you must have gone to a hotel or a restaurant, big or small, in your respective cities and must have ordered vegetarian or non vegetarian food there. While the dish may have been delicious, you could not have been able to savour it had it not been brought to your table.

Like a waiter brings a dish from kitchen to your table in a hotel, same is done by digital marketing that brings content from the website to your laptops or mobile phones.

Before proceeding further on importance of digital marketing in media industry, I would like to ask what would happen if a news of extreme national or international importance is posted on a website but it is not presented to the readers. There would be two scenarios: firstly, either no one would read the news. Secondly, few people may read the news but it would not be able to make an impact.

It is this time that importance of digital marketing comes to the rescue of websites running news. With the help of digital marketing, news reports could not only be presented to the readers but it can be spread like a wild fire.

Digital marketing meaning

In simple terms, digital marketing is the use of internet and social media platforms by a sender to approach potential customers or receivers present across the globe within few minutes. Digital marketing uses various techniques to send a message to the receivers of a particular niche.

Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various search engines among others are used to reach these potential customers. The importance of digital marketing in news industry has risen considerably during the past few years.

Media houses are using these social media platforms and search engines to push their news stories to the readers. Digital marketing also helps a news industry to understand its niche and other demographic factors of the receivers.

How to do digital marketing in media industry

In news industry where there is a rapid inflow of information from different sources and locations it needs to be added and updated besides providing it to the readers. Digital marketing comes to the rescue of the news websites and allow them to get accustomed to these changing at a fast pace.

Tools like Google Trends allow the marketing managers at the media houses to know what all is being searched by the people after which journalists or content writers are informed about the search trends. Article is written based on the keywords that can bring a news article on top even in the real time on different search engines.

Example: If there is news on television regarding arrest of dreaded a gangster in Uttar Pradesh, people would probably search for ‘dreaded gangster arrested’, ‘Gangster arrested in Uttar Pradesh’ or ‘Police arrests gangster in Uttar Pradesh’.

All the phrases including ‘dreaded gangster arrested’, ‘Gangster arrested in Uttar Pradesh’ and ‘Police arrests gangster in Uttar Pradesh’ will become the keyword for the media houses and the content or a news story will be written in such a way that these words are included which would help the article to come in the results on search engines.

Important of social media in digital marketing

To known importance of digital marketing in news industry, we need to understand the role of social media platforms in digital marketing.

When we talk about digital marketing, social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp among other enter the scene naturally as they form the basis of social media marketing. Almost everyone these days has a profile on one of many of these social media platforms and is an active user.

For news website, finding a niche becomes very important as a result they create pages on social media, groups on WhatsApp and account on Instagram and so on so that people can come and connect with these media organizations on social media. News is served to the followers and clicks are received instantly without even bothering if a page ranks on search engine or not.

Social media has given a major push to small media organizations and websites that are so far unknown to masses. Facebook allows page boost that helps media organizations to reach thousands of new readers and potential customers by paying an amount.

Instagram can also help in branding for new as well as established organizations by posting pictures. Links of news stories can also be posted along with pictures if the followers on Instagram are more than 10,000.

Digital marketing institutes

Hundreds of institutes have cropped up in different cities after the importance of digital marketing was understood. Thousands of students are being trained by these institutes every year. While most of these students join e-commerce industry, many also enter the news industry especially in Delhi and Noida.

While joining a digital marketing institute, few things are important to be kept in mind.

  1. Fee: The basic information that you require to know about a digital marketing institute in Noida or Delhi is fees. While most of the institutes claim that their fee is minimum, it becomes important to know about it through brochure or by directly talking to the concerned person. Reasonable fee for digital marketing could be anywhere between Rs 15000- Rs 25000 and not more than that.
  2. Location: You can get a first impression about a digital marketing or any other institute by its location. If an institute is located far off from a metro station, it can become difficult for you to walk or take an auto till that point as most of the commuters use metro in Noida and Delhi.
  3. Syllubus covered: Almost all digital marketing institutes claim to cover each and every aspect of the field. It is very important to first research on internet as to what are the important areas of social media marketing are and which part of it suits you. Only after being satisfied with what you want to go ahead with, you should approach an institute.
  4. Trainer: After approaching an institute you should first check on if the institute has only one trainer for entire course or more. It is very important that an institute should have at least two trainers. One for the training of digital marketing and other for explaining the technical issues of website.

Best digital marketing institutes in Noida and Delhi

Importance of digital marketing cannot be understood unless we find the best institute that deals in social media marketing. While the parameters for a best social media marketing institute have been explained above, these are some of the digital marketing institutes in Noida and Delhi where you can enroll.

  1. Insider Academy
  2. PIMS – Professional Institute of Marketing & Strategy
  3. Asian Institute of Digital Marketing
  4. Cetpa Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Delhi School of Internet Marketing
  6. Digital Vidya