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Why the foreign trips of Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi discussed so much?

Last Updated on September 23, 2020 at 7:10 pm

Congress leader and former party president Rahul Gandhi has missed the Parliament’s monsoon session as he had taken leave from the Lok Sabha.

The reason mentioned in his application for not taking part in Lok Sabha is that he had to go abroad with his mother and the congress party president Sonia Gandhi for a routine checkup. Sonia Gandhi has to postpone her routine checkup earlier at a hospital in America. She is usually accompanied by one of her children whenever she goes for the checkup and this time Rahul Gandhi had chosen to go with her for her. 

But on the very first day of Parliament’s monsoon session, Rahul attacked PM Narendra Modi as India recorded over 92,000 Coronavirus cases in just 24 hours on Twitter. In his tweet, he said ““The Modi government has said we must be self-reliant which means save your own lives as the PM is busy with peacocks.”. Rahul made his tweet referring to a video in which Narendra Modi was seen feeding a peacock.

After the tweet, Rahul was nowhere to be seen. As Rahul has taken leaves from the Lok Sabha some of the party workers are unhappy with him. They feel that Rahul’s absence during the session and elections in Bihar and West Bengal left the party in lurch. “So, it’s very important that Rahul Gandhi should be present in Parliament as his absence can affect the party during elections” said a leader who did not want to be named.

Rahul Gandhi has always been one of the most aggressive people in Lok Sabha who attacks the central government on various issues including Coronavirus, economy, and China and his party members feel that this is the right time to question the Central Government. Rahul Gandhi has earlier also been accused of not being around when his party needs him the most. Rahul was also neither present during the CAA- NRC protests nor he was present during the Delhi riots. Even though he has been attacking the central government over the India-China issue but he has not attended eleven parliamentary committee meetings on defense. 

While on the other hand supporters of Rahul Gandhi said that he doesn’t have to be around for such small issues as he is always supporting his party from the back. They also said that the Central Government should make this personal reason as a political issue. But on the other hand opposition parties always raised questions and accused him of not being present in the country whenever Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes a visit to foreign countries. The opposition members even raised questions for the Ministry of External Affairs regarding the expenses of PM Modi’s foreign visit. 

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is well known for his foreign visits. Narendra Modi’s foreign visits have greatly contributed in improving India’s relationship with other countries. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, since 2015, Narendra Modi has visited 58 countries, and the expense of these trips was 571.82 crores. In March, a report came according to which the Ministry of External Affairs has spent 446 crore rupees on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign visits.  In 2018, the Ministry of External Affairs said that a sum of 2021 crore rupees has been spent on Narendra Modi’s foreign visit since Twenty fourteen. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi always gives emphasis to the point that India is improving its relations with other countries whenever he undertakes a foreign visit. But his foreign visits have always become a pain in the eyes of the opposition parties. The opposition parties always question the central government whenever PM Narendra Modi goes on a foreign visit. Narendra Modi is gaining popularity not only in India but also in foreign nations, which is a serious issue for the opposition and this is another reason why they always question Modi’s foreign tours. 

Earlier the Trinamool Congress had issued directions to its MPs who are above 65 years of age can skip the session for health reasons. According to the new rules of Parliament, no person is allowed to enter the parliament without the negative report of the Coronavirus test. Till 11 September, around 20 Lok Sabha MPs have been tested positive, out of which 14 have recovered. The new rules are formed to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Also, no visitor or even staff members are allowed inside the legislative assembly.