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Workers at Bari Brahmana oxygen generation plant in Jammu toil hard to keep supply going

Last Updated on May 12, 2021 at 7:06 pm

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’. In the prevailing times of pandemic, when the entire mankind is scared by the unseen enemy, there are a few who stand tall braving the enemy like an iron wall. Their indomitable spirit beat not only physical exertion but also mental stress. The biggest challenge at this time for people working in industries is safety and health of the workers. The people working there needs to be provided with adequate safety means that prevents the spread of infection within the premises as well as ensure proper sanitisation of the product going out from the factory.

One such person who overlooks all this is Kewal Krishan, Supervisor, oxygen generation plant in Bari Brahmana. Recent surge in cases has made his working schedule hectic but his devotion to the duty is unparalleled. While speaking about his duties at the plant, Kewal said that he has been working in the plant for the last ten years and now it was like a home to him. He works there with utmost sincerity and explained the procedure of the work. He said that whenever a cylinder arrives for refilling, they sanitize it and then refill it. The plant has ensured their safety very well and SOPs are being adhered to. Sanitizing the cylinders are he said all the more important because they are catering to those who are the most vulnerable to the spread of infection.

Another colleague of Kewal Krishan said that he has been working in the plant for the last 3.5 years. He said that the social distancing is being followed and staff of the plant works in two shifts. When asked about whether the schedule is getting hectic, he said that in the preset times the motive is to refill the maximum cylinders and get the job done to secure life of those battling the virus. He further told that the plant and administration has ensured their safety as well. They have been provided with the sanitizers and masks. They are being taken care of well at their work place

The workers when work with each other, carry a risk of getting infected as well. This bars them from going to their families and they stay alone for weeks during their shifts. The only connection they establish is by phone calls to their children. Few of those, who live nearby have isolated themselves. They meet their family from a distance and are carrying their work with a smile on their faces.

The plant administration said that they supply more than 200 cylinders in a day. Refilling is being done at the best possible speed as they are coping with limited staff as per the SOPs. Presently, the plant has stopped supply to industrial sector and hundred percent supply is dedicated to medical services. The plan management works in coordination with the Divisional War Room established for coordination of oxygen and oxygen cylinder supply to the required location.