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4G internet in Jammu and Kashmir: Know when it will be restored?

Last Updated on March 29, 2020 at 4:41 am

4G internet in Jammu and Kashmir seems to have become the most important thing for the residents of the state. Questions regarding the high speed internet arises in the minds of most of the people but they do not get a definite answer.

While the 4G internet in Jammu and Kashmir was suspended on August 5 when the state lost its special status, there is no prediction or a definite answer as to when will 4G internet services resume in the state.

After the announcement that the state would become a Union Territory after the abrogation of Article 370, the security agencies believed that there was a threat from mobile internet. That threat could range from rumors to Pakistan sending messages to its operators in the valley.

It was this threat that forced the security establishments in Jammu and Kashmir to suspend the 4G internet services. While the 2G services were resumed recently in the state, people often have a question in their mind about the 4G internet services.

The state decided to let the people access 2G internet after the outbreak of Coronavirus as information and orders that are passed by the authorities reaches common people with the help of internet. Let us tell you when the high speed internet be restored.

At present the state government is busy in dealing with the threat of Coronavirus that is looming large on the state and there is little chance that 4G internet in Jammu is restored soon.

However there is a demand by the residents of the state to restore the high speed internet to get easy access to government websites and applications that aware people about the deadly disease.

It seems that people of the state will still have to wait for some weeks before the high speed 4G internet in Jammu and Kashmir is restored.