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4G internet restoration in J&K may be delayed due to terror-related incidents

Last Updated on April 28, 2020 at 9:47 am

JAMMU, April 28: 4G internet restoration in J&K may be delayed due to spurt in incidents of terrorism in the recent past.

In a new order on Monday, Jammu and Kashmir government extended the ban on 4G internet in UT of J&K till May 11. The order also has mention of increase in terror activities that has become one of the reasons of extension of the ban.

High speed internet services in J&K were suspended on August 5 after the state was bifurcated and its special status repealed. Monday’s order issued by Department of Home stated that it was necessary to keep the high speed internet services in suspension mode so that no fake videos or pictures can spread.

As per the order the government has extended 2G internet services on Postpaid and verified pre-paid mobile phones. Principal Secretary of the Home Department Shaleen Kabra in the order stated that postpaid and verified pre-paid SIM card holders will be provided access to internet. He said that the order for suspension of 4G internet services in J&K will continue till May 11.

Fixed internet connectivity will also be available with Mac-binding. Kabra stated that the high speed services have been suspended to avoid uploading, downloading and circulation of such matter that could trigger panic. Encrypted messaging and VOIP services have also been suspended in wake of infiltration and terror activities in the state.

There are apprehensions that Pakistan was not only training but also trying to push in waves of terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir. Snow from high peaks has started to melt and routes have opened that could give further rise to infiltration.

Kabra said that after considering all stake holders in safety and security of the state and discussing the matter with the intelligence agencies, there is no alternative but to restrict the speed of internet.

4G internet restoration in J&K may still take some time before the people here can surf the internet on high speed.