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4G restoration in J&K: Every youth’s dream in the UT

Last Updated on April 15, 2020 at 4:49 am

Right to internet is applicable to everyone. We’re used to shutdown of internet since a long time and majorly due to Kashmir but 4G restoration in J&K seems nowhere in sight.

We are used to curfews and internet shutdown but this time it’s on everyone’s nerves.

Article 370 was the special status that was provided to the princely state of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, now UT.

It had various provisions that gave us a special status or maybe kept us drifted from the rest of nation. Only the residents of J&K could buy land here that too with a state subject. The article 370 and 35-A had it’s own pros and cons. The abrogation led to the bifurcation of J&K into two separate UTs – Ladakh and J&K.

I respect the decision of government of India and it was indeed a very good decision.

The article 370 which was abrogated on August 5, 2019 led to the shutdown of the internet across Jammu and Kashmir.

Why was 4G internet snapped in Jammu and Kashmir?

Internet Shutdown wasn’t a new thing for us, it was snapped eight months ago. The reason for snapping the internet was genuine as there was huge rumour mongering both in Jammu and Kashmir which had to be stopped and internet shutdown was the only way.

I agree, GOI did it for national security we even obeyed the orders but we didn’t have any clue that this shutdown would take around 8 months. The internet shutdown was also to reduce the terrorism in Kashmir and at many points it did work.

What is the condition of youth in J&K?

Veracious, youth is suffering the most, the most in education because youtube and other academics apps were one of the greatest sources of our educationa. Shutdown put a halt on our online studies not just in education but without internet we were just like a living carcass. With no internet, we didn’t have any access to the social media, we were unable to contact our friends, some of us had broadband but that only worked in their houses, our hearts would fill with happiness whenever we used to find any open wifi, searching for wifi was the main task of most of the youth. Home felt way boring and we had to go out to divert our minds.

4G Internet shutdown and corona virus lockdown

Well, in the recent times of the pandemic, everyone is spending their time in quarantine through internet but here in Jammu, we’re able to access it but with low speed, everyone’s netflix and chilling and with their 4g internet but we still have to work through 2g. The Government orders us to stay within our homes but without internet our boredom reaches to next level and a very significant issue is that in whole india when everyone is studying through online classes, we’re unable to do that due to our slow speed, which is affecting our studies and career.

Measures taken for 4G restoration in J&K

Unlike, rest of India, we maintained our calm and didn’t come up on the roads to fight. We tried to peacefully convey our messages regarding internet.

There was immense support from those making memes in Jammu who tried their best, after so many appeals the Supreme Court gave us 2G, which we are really grateful for.

And now if you see the social media it’s flooded with memes regarding 4G restoration in J&K with the popular hashtag #Restore4ginJk.

The whole of India only pays heed to Kashmir never gave attention to Jammu.

Hope we Jammuites get the love and affection from rest of India like we give them.

The author of this article Minal Puri is a 12th standard student based in Jammu